Clan Forsyth Society
New Zealand
Forsyths in North America
The children of Walter Forsyth, whose wife, Margaret, was granddaughter of Nicholas Denys, inherited from their motherís family the shipping and private armed vessels which were their part in the Forsyth and Denys enterprises on the seas which extended to the French and British Americas and Indies.

The Forsyths were in alliance with the Normans of France, favored the Stuart cause in Scotland, and were opposed to English control. Their privateers were safely harbored along the west coast of Ireland with Irish and French vessels in secret, and engaged in contraband trade in defiance of English law. Their place was in the vicinity of Garrickfergus near the castle of the OíNeals, where the sea protected their ships that sailed under the flag of France.

The Lordships of the Forsyth and Denys families in Canada at one time comprised 8,846,640 acres. When the English moved the Acadians, some went to Louisiana where Pierre Denys became a Colonel in the American army and was an aide to General Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans.